Friday, May 14, 2010

Third time is the charm!

I ran my third half-marathon. I must admit that I felt unprepared, and kinda unmotivated this time. I had hoped to improve my time from the previous ones, but as the time got close, I began to lose hope.
I had two things going for me, though. The course was pretty much flat (always helpful), and I had friends to run with. And it worked! I cut 5 minutes off my time! It was because I was running with someone to motivate me to not stop. Thanks Suzy!

Will I do a full marathon? Doubtful.
Another half-marathon? You bet. Just not quite yet.


Michelle said...

Congrats on shaving 5 minutes off your time in the half mary. One of these days I'm planning to run one. Just not sure yet...

The Bingham's said...

Woot WOot!!(I am tooting your horn) That is awesome. Suzy is pretty awesome motivator. You guys rock!!