Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tuxedo t-shirts, hats, and kilts..... oh my!

So what kind of event would I be going to, with this fantastic hat?
Easter Sunday?
A Saturday BBQ?

Nope.... it's a friend's wedding!

My fun friend John, is one of a kind. So, of course, his wedding had to be unique as well.

When I got my invitation in the mail, it said "Ladies, don your best hats. Gentlemen, wear your best tuxedo t-shirt." No joke! I wasn't quite sure what to expect, so I donned my hat and drove to the nuptuals.

The groom was in a traditional kilt, with an untraditional tuxedo t-shirt underneath. Not to be the only guy in a skirt on his wedding day, all of his groomsmen, including Andy, had to wear kilts too. Now I was really interested to see the bride....

Natalie was gorgeous!!!! She was escorted by her parents (note the powder blue tuxedo shirt) into the backyard ceremony while serenaded by beautiful harp music.

They make each other happy. What more could you ask for? Honestly, I think John scored big time! She is not only beautiful, but intelligent and kind to boot.
The ceremony overlooked the mountains behind John's parents home. Simple.

The happy couple after it was all a done deal. No going back now kids!
(and P.S. doesn't Natalie have a great sense of style? Kinda puts John's kilt to shame!)

The wedding was simple. Not alot of fanfare (but lots of guys with hairy legs in kilts!) What else was unique about the wedding, you may ask? Well.... let me tell you:

Mohawks.... as John said, if he had an avatar, it would have to have a mohawk to truly portray him.
The most decorative socks in the house belongs to a guy.

You gotta have "facilities". These port-a-potties and port-a-sink were shielded from the view of the party for privacy. That's one way to do it.

The watchdog to make sure no unsavory folks came to crash the party. Thanks Fido.

Who knew they were popular enough for ZZ Top to attend? Awesome!

A photo booth to pretend you are king or queen for the day. Even had real swords for props. Although, I was concerned about the swords combined with alcohol, but it seemed to go alright.
There were other fun things that I don't have pictures for, including a guy in a tuxedo t-shirt putting his shotgun away in the nearby truck before the wedding. Was this a true shotgun wedding??? (ha ha)

And I got to hang out with a couple of friends I don't see often.

A little dancing, some cake, and some great laughs! Congrats John and Natalie on finding each other, and then throwing a unique party to celebrate it all. Yeah!


Cam said...

It looks like John's crazy wedding was equal to his personality. What a blast! I would have expected nothing less. Congratulations to the happy couple. :)

Michelle said...

LOVE it! Thanks for blogging about it so quickly! I love the brides dress, and your hat. You look gorgeous!

Michelle said...

That looks like an awesome wedding- the kind I'd like to go to but the kind I'd never be gutsy enough to do myself!

jpmccolm said...

Hi Kristin I just found your blog!! You always have so much fun :-) Hope your summer is going well.

SDavid said...

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